Dear Brother Joseph and Sister,

Dear Brother Joseph and Sister, Vidya Sravanthi,
The entire leadership of Seva Bharat, it ’s senior management and the staff send their deepest condolences on the Home Calling of Prof.Bunyan Edmond Vijayam on Wednesday the 30th January 2019.
We are praying for Mrs. Vijayam, and all your families for God’s comfort, strength and peace to be with you all as you pass through a time of great grief and separation. But we have a living hope in Christ that we will see him someday in heaven. For you are a blessed family.
As you celebrate his life with thanksgiving, let me recall some of the memories we have about Professor Vijayam. Because it is a blessing to remember the righteous.
Indeed, in Prof.Vijayam, the entire evangelical world has lost a pure soul, a tall and a legendary Christian leader who lived all his life so well with a burning vision and passion for Christ. He is true, an iconic figure in the Christian world.
Kamala and I have known him from 1970s as students from the Osmania University, Hyderabad. Attended the Bible classes he conducted in his house and his teachings of Christ in churches. Being an intellectual, a researcher, a scholar with profound wisdom, he impacted many a youth for Christ. His God-fearing attitude, handsome smiles; his creative thinking, practical ideas, and skills have inspired, motivated and shaped the youth for a purposeful living to serve Jesus.
We are a witness to his bold and dynamic leadership steering several national Christian Evangelical Missions such as Hindustan Bible Institute, Chennai, Youth for Christ. The Joshua Vision Project that he had driven for research has become a great boon to the missions in India to reach the Unreached and Unengaged People Groups (UPGs and UUPGs) with the Gospel of Jesus and plant innumerable churches among them in recent times.
We are grateful for his untiring efforts in training and equipping hundreds of Bi-Vocational Harvesters from all over the nation through TENT (Training in Evangelism Needs and Technology) a brainchild of him, and the need of the hour for missions.
Lastly, we are grateful to him for his loving and humble guidance and spiritual support extended to Seva Bharat. We cherish his contribution for long.
Professor Bunyan Edward Vijayam has left a great and simulative legacy for us to continue to follow.
God bless you all and make you a great blessing for generations to come.
For Seva Bharat
J.Chiranjeevi and Kamala