Dear Joseph, Just got the

Dear Joseph,

Just got the news about your dad passing away to eternal glory on the 30th.
It is indeed sad to lose a loved one and I can imagine how you people must be feeling.
I am indeed sad too as he was a very dear Uncle to me. More than that he was one of my close mentors for a long time.
I will miss him.
But the fact that remains is that he had a good and blessed life complete his journey in this world with honesty (very rare to find a man like him), integrity and sincerity. He lived a full life and accomplished God’s plan and purpose in his life and through his life. We praise God for this. All glory to God.
Among all, dear Aunty will miss him a lot. Please convey my best regards to her.
Our sincere prayers and condolence to you all.
Warm regards,
James David Das